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Operate X-10 electrical power control modules
X-10 modules are devices that plug into an electrical outlet
and allow you to remotely control the power to a lamp or an appliance that
is plugged into them. There are also X-10 modules that install in place of
wall switches to control lights, and there's one that can be used to set
back a thermostat.
This program commands up to 256 X-10 modules via a
CP-290 serial-interface controller plugged into any serial port of your
system. You can use it to automate your home!
It's also commonly used to provide control over computers and other devices
that might need to be powered up or down via a timed command or remote
control. The CP-290 controller stores 128 clock-driven events that it will
execute when your computer is turned off, so you can even program your
computer to turn itself on at a particular time.
You can buy the modules and manual controllers in Radio Shack stores,
but the CP-290 serial-interface controller used to command them using your
Debian system is slightly harder to find. Instructions on where to order
one are included in the documentation of this package.
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